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Freedom of speech in a free society is not without consequences. This website’s purpose is to provide a forum for employees who have experienced management’s dysfunctions. Haven’t you ever wanted to tell someone what Scott Adams’ (Dilbert) “pointy haired boss” just said or did to you? You didn’t share it with anyone but a trusted friend. You fear management retaliation for going public. Well here’s your chance.

Castor Oil for Bad Management is a website that can be used as a catharsis to share the bittersweet observations of management’s abuse of the worker. The philosophy here is to describe the ludicrous event/s in a humorous manner and then solicit solution from us “fixers” out there.

Our hope is that we can both laugh about what has happened and then gain some sense about how to have handled it better.

We may then weave a paper back series packed with these vignettes, cartoons, at potential solutions. If nothing else you may feel better for sharing and laughing along with the other readers and contributors.

Your anonymity will be preserved but I will change your vignette details as well as mine until I retire.

Signed, Sal Supervisor

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Dear Reader of Castor Oil for Bad Management;

You are an essential part of this website’s success and your contributions make us what we are.

A Castor Oil for Bad Management vignette gives us all a chance to laugh about some of the ridiculous things that management does and then go on to imagine how things could have been or will be done better the next opportunity, sort of bittersweet.

If this is your first time submitting a story or poem,
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The only way to receive an acknowledgment of your submission at this time is by submitting through our website, by clicking here.

By submitting through the website, you will be taken to an acknowledgment screen on our website directly after hitting “send”. This screen will inform you that the story has been accepted into our submission process. You can only submit stories online at this time. If you do not have Internet access at home, you can visit a local library or use a friend’s access.

We may publish your revised story, complete with a cartoon if we can arrange that, as a weekly featured story for you to enjoy and to motivate others.

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